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Every day, the situation gets worse. Leah, age 11 looks out her window to see black smoke floating around her hometown of Kyiv, Ukraine. Leah and her three year old brother are crammed in the dark cold basement, for hours.  Thousands of fellow Jewish Children are being attacked nonstop by air strikes and bombs. 

But we're just kids, what can we do to help? The Rebbe strongly encouraged Tehillim and Mitzvos and the power that it has.  Below, you can sign up to do a Mitzvah for protection and peace of Ukraine! Can we get to 100 Mitzvos?

The stunning Menorah Center in Ukraine. It is one of the biggest Jewish buildings in the world. Can you see how it looks like a Menorah?


how to be on the wall of mitzvos!

once you have done your mitzvah, fill out the form below. you will see your name on the wall of mitzvos within a couple hours! how many mitzvos can we get?!


Menucha Danzinger

Levi and Eta Cotlar

Rochi Wolf

Sara Wolf

Blumi Feigelstock

Malka Cherna Heidingsfeld

M. Ciment

Pessel Susskind

Chaya Mushka S.

Tehilla Holtzberg

C. Grossbaum

Sara Perlstein

Chana Volovik

Moussia Loves Music

Miriam W.

Hannah Gross

CM Shapiro

Shternie Cohen

Devorah Leah Gurevitch

Leah Cohen

Chaya Lazar

Chana Lazar

Bluma Refson

Leah Hazan

Goldie S.

Miriam Sudak

Sarah Wolff

Musya Banon

Chanale Hecht

Chaya Mushka Wolvovsky

Sara Wolvovsky

Shainale Korf

Batsheva Backman

Mushka Johnson

Ahuva Lieba Spiero

Sara Esther Spiero

Rosie Lipsker

Nechama Freedman

Bassi Tenenboim

Chava Blesofsky

Devorah Leah Lazar

Mushka Stiefel

Chayale Mendelsohn

R. Hersh

Sara Reinetz

Chava Blesofsky

Shari F.

Esti Loewenthal

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